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Budget travel tips for Pakistan: from flights to VoIPFor the independent budget traveller,Pakistan is definitely a country of two halves. Northern Pakistan – and particularly the stunning Karakoram Highway – has got to be a must-do on the list of any independent traveller with a sense of adventure. The south of the country, however, is a different kettle of fish, with more security risks, extreme heat and the dubious ‘delights’ of Lahore.


There are some travel essentials you’d be a fool to save on. Pakistan visa has become somewhat difficult, but do not worry, if you book a hotel with our web site you will get an invitation leter which makes the issuance of visa hassle free and firm. A multiple entry visa is more expensive and rather not a requirement, unless you plan to come back to Pakistan soon.  There are no visas available on arrival at any of the borders of Pakistan.

Calling home/Pakistan

For cheap calls home from Pakistan, and to Pakistan, VoIP has to be the answer. Internet calls are available at a much lower rate. The Vonage website, for example, details incredibly cheap calls to Pakistan. Services like this provide you with a portable adapter that allow you to transform any phone near a broadband router into your home phone, so friends can call you easily and you can make low-cost calls in Pakistan.

This is particularly useful for stays in the cities where broadband is never hard to come by. And with the money you’ve saved on roaming charges you’ll be able to do a lot more roaming!

Expected costs

The budget traveller can expect to travel in Pakistan for no more than £ 35 a day including entrances, travel, food and accommodation. If you ratchet this up to around £ 55 you’ll get extra comforts.

There are plenty of rooms in most towns and always cheap options available. On thenorthern tourist trail you’ll find some excellent value mid-range options, especially if you travel slightly out of season. At the height of the season, in popular places like Swat, Murree, Hunza and Kaghan prices can likewise rise a bit.

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