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Is This Britney Spears' New Perfume Ad or the New Peg on a Britney Timeline?She’s gracing magazine covers left and right, and looking pretty good for a lady who’s had a few kids and went through the ringer in the early 2000’s. She earned $15 million dollars for judging the X Factor and she’s actually one of the more entertaining personalities on the show (not to mention the source of a wealth of awesomeness in the realm of GIFs).

Britney Spears is on the rise (again), and her latest ad campaign for her new fragrance, Fantasy Twist, is an indication of that.

The print version shows two sides to our beloved Brit Brit: the light, pop goddess side and the darker, past self, that colors the person she is today. The two sides converge in the video ad that takes us through the many faces of Britney (below).

It’s almost as if her rocky journey back to the spotlight is being reflected in the ad. But that’s not an uncommon practice for B. In fact, we looked back at her ads throughout her career and, as it turns out, they serve as map to her development (and devolvement) through the years.

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