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Full Name: Hamid Karzai

Born: 24-Dec-1957
Birthplace: Karz, Afghanistan

Gender: Male
Religion: Muslim
Race or Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Head of State

Nationality: Afghanistan
Executive summary: President of Afghanistan

Native Pashtu speaker, Chief of Popolzai tribe. His karakul hat, a traditional headgear, is made from the fur of aborted lamb fetuses. Chided by critics as the “President of Kabul”, because the Taliban effectively controls much of the nation and Karzai’s authority does not seem to seriously extend beyond the metropolitan area of the capital city.

Father: Abdul Ahad Karzai (d. 14-Jul-1999 assassination)
Brother: Ahmed Wali Karzai
Brother: Quayum Karzai
Brother: Mahmood Karzai
Wife: Zinat Karzai (m. 1998)

High School: Habibia High School, Kabul, Afghanistan
University: MA International Relations, Simla University, India (1982)

President of Afghanistan (10-Jun-2002 to present)
Unocal Consultant
Academy of Achievement (2002)
Afghanistan World Foundation Honorary Chairman
Young Men’s Christian Association
Assassination Attempt 5-Sep-2002 by Abdur Rehman, in Kandahar
Assassination Attempt 17-Sep-2004, RPG fired at helicopter, in Gardez
Assassination Attempt 27-Apr-2008, during military parade
Knight of the British Empire Honorary 2003
Funeral: Ronald Reagan (2004)
Pashtun Ancestry

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