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In fact, steam benefits as associated with a steam room or steam shower have been known for thousands of years, where wet heat opens the pores of your skin to aid body detoxification.

A steam generator is used to create water vapor at high levels of humidity. The heat and humidity may bring health benefits ranging from aiding stress relief, to body cleansing, to soothing aching muscles or arthritis. Different research and user studies show that the benefits of steam showers are numerous and may aid your bodily health by:

Benefits of Steam Bath

  • rejuvenating, deep cleansing – hydrating the skin,
  • boosting your immune system and promoting antibody production,
  • relieving the discomfort of asthma, allergies and arthritis,
  • enhancing the respiratory system,
  • helping eliminate toxins,
  • reducing stress and the appearance of wrinkles,
  • relaxing and soothing mind & body,
  • relieving stress & relaxing muscles,
  • relieving throat irritation by moistening the air,
  • relaxing muscles and relieving coughing,
  • increasing body metabolism,
  • relieving inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes,
  • loosening secretions and stimulating the discharge of mucous from the throat and lungs (natural expectorant),
  • keeping mucous membranes from excessive drying,
  • helping in the treatment of cancer,
  • helping fight against HIV,
  • aiding against cellulite.

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