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My Favorite Sunscreen and After Sun is Australian Gold

300_2797382 I love outdoor activities and even as a musician I have worked outside frequently. I burn easily so protecting my skin from the sun is extremely important. I have used many different brands of sunscreen since the 1960s. On a recent vacation to Miami we needed some more sunscreen. I spotted a Walgreens and bought some Australian Gold SPF 15 lotion. My wife and I have been using Australian Gold Products ever since.

About the Products We Use

  • Australian Gold SPF 15 Spray Gel with Bronzer, 8 Ounce
    Natural caramel bronzer enriches skin with an instant bronzed glow for a radiant-looking tan.
  • Australian Gold SPF 30 Lip Balm
    Antioxidant formula helps fight free radicals. Soothe and protect dry, chapped and sunburnt lips.
    Goes on clear
  • Australian Gold Forever After All Day Moisturizer 22 oz.
    Triple action anti-aging, firming and slimming lipocare. The amplified moisture blend provides 24 hour moisturization. Ingredients include hemp seed extract and vanilla fragrance.

Why I Like These Products

  • Spray On Application
    I always hated the sunscreen lotion squeeze bottles. The handy non aerosol spray is convenient to use.
  • Quick Absorption
    After spraying on and spreading, the spray gel absorbs quickly.
  • Not Sticky
    Some fast absorbing lotions tend to be sticky. Soon after applying my skin does not feel sticky at all.
  • Pleasant Smell
    I remember the old days when lotions all smelled like coconut. The Australian Gold spray gel has a very mild caramel fragrance and Forever After lotion smells liked vanilla.
  • Many Verities of Products
    Australian Gold has been around for more than 30 years and has many skin care products. They have various SPF lotions as well as sunless tanning and products for tanning salons.
  • Great Tan
    We love the tan we get and our skin is soft and smooth specially after using the Forever After lotion
  • No Sunburn
    Prevention of sunburn is the main reason for using a sunscreen. I have not had a sunburn since using the SPF 15 spray gel.

In Conclusion I recommend Australian Gold products. Of course I have not tried them all but I like what I am using. There is some controversy about chemicals in sunscreens but there is no conclusive evidence yet. The best advise is to get sun in moderation. Sun exposure is one of the only ways of getting vitamin D. I believe using the SPF 15 allows enough sun to get through. A much higher SPF might reduce the bodies ability to produce vitamin D which can lead to many health problems. For further reading on vitamin D3 read this article I have written:

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