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Ashley Benson always looks great whenever she steps out. Yes, she occasionally turns to her glam squad to make sure everything looks well put together, but the Pretty Little Liars actress also has a few of her beauty own tricks. We caught up with Benson, who recently partnered with Buxom Cosmetics, and she shared some of her best-kept hair and skin secrets that she practices at home.

If you’ve ever wondered how she manages to always have beautiful bombshell waves, her hair preparation starts the day before. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and it’s actually an easy hack that will add heatless texture. “My favorite trick is to wash my hair at night,” Benson tells SELF. “I put it into braids to dry overnight and take them out in the morning. Sometimes I’ll run some nourishing oil through it, just to keep it smoother throughout the day.” The results equal effortless movement without a curling iron.

And her camera-ready skin is always on point thanks to another bedtime ritual. “At night, I have started replacing my fancy moisture creams with pure coconut oil,” says Benson. The nourishing oil is extremely hydrating, and it’s less than 10 bucks. “I use it everywhere, and I wake up with really soft skin.” Enough said. We’re heading to the store to stock up right now.

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