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From Market Research to Opinion Surveys, These Apps Bring in Extra Cash

If you were to do a web search for ‘apps to make you money’, you’d get thousands of results. Many, a majority even, of those results are scams. There are some, though, that really do reward you for your time. Naturally, even with these you should be cautious. Here is a selection of five that reward you for doing a few simple tasks. All the apps listed have both an iPhone and Android version available.

Media Insiders

Media Insiders is a public opinion app that gathers data for its clients using surveys and other methods. Its rules indicate that you must be active once a week to earn rewards, which accumulate and can be used to ‘purchase’ prizes. Further, it allows the same user to use the app on three different devices for three times the rewards, so those of you with all kinds of gadgets are right at home here.


Like all the other apps in this article, EasyShift isn’t going to be something you can earn a living on, but it can provide you with little cash injections which are always nice. EasyShift is in the business of market research, which means that they are interested in what stores around you sell, how much they sell it for, what the experience in the store is, and if there are any sales going on. This information is how other stores compete, so you are likely contributing to lower prices for yourself while doing this as well.


Another market research company, GigWalk also supplies their clients with information on other stores in the area. All this information is also frequently used to compile industry data, much like what you see on the news when you hear about a kind of product selling very well or selling poorly.


Capitalizing on the video gaming generation, CheckPoints is an app that tracks what you do on the internet, rewarding you for certain things. Are you a movie fanatic? Watching a movie trailer can earn you points. Looking to do some shopping at an internet store? Earn points for that as well. Those points can then be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards at your favorite stores. This suggests that you could potentially use the rewards you earn to earn even more rewards!


Need some financial motivation to make that diet work? Pact is here for you. By pledging to eat a specific amount of fruits and vegetables or drink a certain amount of water in a day, you can earn money. Be warned, though! Failure to fulfill your Pact will result in you being charged money, so make sure you follow-through!

Word of Warning

These apps are generally the more reliable ones; however it’s important to note that you should still be cautious whenever giving your information out through apps or on the internet. For tax purposes you will have to give your full real name; however it is perfectly acceptable to only give a true year of birth, with the month and day falsified. These apps generally pay through PayPal or by sending rewards to your address, and it is NOT recommended that you give out any banking information to the apps.

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