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So unless you’ve been living under a rock, Vodafone is releasing the Nexus S with Google. One of the key features on the Nexus S is the functionality of NFC or Near Field Communication.

In simple terms it allows a device to transmit information wirelessly at a close range. A simple example would be swiping your mobile phone to pay for goods at a convenience store.

Gizmodo listed a bunch of ways NFC will replace your wallet with your mobile phone, but we decided we’ll pick out our 8.

1. Mobile Payment
Kind of already exists with credit card payments, but now companies like Google and Apple have shown interest in turning our phones into debit cards. What’s it mean? No real wallet. Take out your phone, swipe it by the register and be on your way.

2. Goodbye Passport
How handy would this be if all you need to do is swipe your phone at customs instead of digging around for your crinkled passport? New passports already have radio chips inside, anyway.

3. Comparison Shopping
Imagine a little radio chip in everything on the shelf. Toys. Books. DVDs. Swipe it with your phone and see if you should be shopping elsewhere for a better price. Comparison shopping apps exist already, but barcode scanning is about as fun as paying too much.

4. Easy Tickets
Buy your ticket online. Swipe your phone to enter the theatre. The same process could go for any kind of ticket — aeroplane included. Swiping boarding passes? Yes please.

5. Advertising
This ain’t exactly a noble one, but shopping mavens would undoubtedly like the ability to swipe their phones over a poster or billboard, and be directed to a website where they can buy or get more info. Mag ads wouldn’t work, unfortunately – even with a meagre 4cm range, an NFC device would scan through every page (and ad) at once.

So these were our 5 we picked out, keen to hear your thoughts on other useful ways NFC on your mobile phone can replace your wallet. Let us know in the comment section below.

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