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The Minnesota Vikings finished the 2013 season with a 5-10-1 record. Pretty pathetic year and Vikings GM Rick Spielman is on the hot seat. Without a stellar draft and a winning record, he is sure to be fired at the end of the 2014 season. The Vikings had huge issues in their secondary even though they used their first round pick in the 2013 draft for CB Xavier Rhodes. They will again have to focus in the secondary and find a way to upgrade it. The Vikings defense was ranked 31st against the pass and an opponent QBR ranking of 28th. You can’t win in the NFL when you can’t stop the pass. The Vikings also need to replace DE Jared Allen and against face a mystery at who will be their Quarterback. The Vikings can also work on upgrading their offensive guard position and in my opinion need another Cornerback and Safety, so lots of work ahead for them in the 2014 draft. I had them taking Justin Gilbert at #8 in my 014 NFL Mock Draft, Gilbert did go 8th but it was to theCleveland Browns who switched draft picks with the Vikings. Not sure why Spielman didn’t just stand pat and take Gilbert, he would have made an instant impact turning around their horrendous secondary.


Anthony Barr OLB, UCLA Round 1 Pick # 9

Excellent pass rushing OLB. Will immediately impact their ability to get to the QB which in the NFC North has to be an issue with Cutler, Rodgers and Stafford as the opposing QBs. Thought they should have stayed at #8 rather than trading down or maybe even moving up to take Sammy Watkins.

Teddy Bridgewater QB, Louisville Round 1 Pick # 32

Minnesota Vikings trade up with the Seattle Seahawks and get their franchise QB. Personally, I think this was the steal of the draft. Former #1 ranked draft prospect was beaten up by poor play at the NFL Combine and his Pro day. Functions well in a classic NFL system and has the tools to be an instant starter. Will be curious to see what the Vikings do at QB this year.

Scott Crichton DE, Oregon State Round 3 Pick # 8

Classic Defensive End that came out of college a year early. Still needs help with technique but possesses raw skill, speed and power that will one day transform him into a Pro Bowl defensive end playmaker. Loves to strip the ball and can easily dominate with his tackling skills.

Jerick McKinnon RB, Georgia Southern Round 3 Pick # 32

A Darren Sproles type player. Small and speedy with good hands. Can play the wildcat as he was a QB who transitioned to tailback. Will be a nice weapon on the field for Teddy Bridgewater. Benches over 400 pounds and squats 600 pounds so the guy is not only fast but really powerful and will be a tough tackle for any DB if he gets past the linebackers. Could also see him on the special teams returning kickoffs or punts and playing on the cover team.

David Yankey OG, Stanford Round 5 Pick # 5

Projected 3rd rounder that fell it the lap of the Vikings. Big guy that plays with raw skill and determination. Once coached with some proper technique, could be a future Pro Bowl player.

Antone Exum CB, Virginia Tech Round 6 Pick # 6

Switched fro Safety to Corner in college and immediately had an outstanding year. Minnesota could easily play have at either position as they have a need at both. Knee surgery that dropped him into the 6th round otherwise he was an easy 3rd draft pick if healthy and no concerns on durability.

Kendall James CB, Maine Round 6 Pick # 8

Love this pick, extremely fat with excellent agility. With proper technique and some added upper body strength, this guy could be playing CB across from Rhodes in one year. Amazing Pick.

Shamar Stephen DT, Connecticut Round 7 Pick # 5

little confused here why the Vikings didn’t use the first round pick for Aaron Donald if they have a need at DT. I know it’s a 7th rounder but I see a strong interior pass rush as a key for the Vikings defense. Oh well, Shamar Stephen will be a project. Big man with the skills but no desire. Shame but I see a bust and he doesn’t seem to like football if you watch some tape on him.

Brandon Watts OLB, Georgia Tech Round 7 Pick # 8

Definite special teams draft pick. Can’t see him on the field otherwise. Just isn’t NFL caliber player.

Jabari Price CB, North Carolina Round 7 Pick # 10

Project player with speed and the Vikings need depth and players to develop at CB so good pick.

Overall Team Draft Day Analysis

Big day for the Minnesota Vikings. Hey got their franchise QB and I think Teddy Bridgewater is gonna make the NFC North, the division with the most top QBs in the league. They got their pass rush linebacker, got their speedy Darren Sproles clone, Stole a falling Yankey at OG, and got depth for the secondary. Damn good draft. Would have liked them to take Justin Gilbert for their first pick and not trade the one spot down with Cleveland. Think that may haunt them but otherwise a great day.

Draft Grade: A-

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