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10-Most-Expensive-Private-Jets-In-The-World-FB-0There are also documentaries about how unsafe some planes are. Then, there are those other documentaries about the wealthy folks of the world and how their private jets have their own interior designer. I’ve made an agreement with myself that the next time I’m flying, I’m taking a private jet. At least the only problem I’d have then is the jet lag. And no more heavy baggage to lug around— if I can afford to take a private jet, I can afford futuristic luggage with electronic wheels, but that’s just me looking too much into the future. So for now, I guess I’ll have to learn how to swim in order to reach a far away place— or buy a drone that can carry me wherever!

The economy class is a dangerous ordeal because there’s always an 80% chance of you going insane. Crying babies, unidentified germs, toilets that make you feel claustrophobic, and terrible food. Business and first class have way better facilities, and private jets have the creme de la creme of everything. No lines at security? Check. Catered food? Check. More leg room? Check. No seat mate who will judge you for binge watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” during the entire flight? Check. It also helps that private jets look nicer than most people’s homes.

Flying coach can already be expensive, but if you really want to burn all of your cold hard cash, getting your own private jet is the ideal. Here are the 10 most expensive jets in the world, to help you start with your plane shopping.

#10 – Challenger 600 ($5 Million)


Challenger-600Hmm, I’m not that sure about the salaries of other writers, but I’m quite wide-eyed over author, Joyce Meyer’s ability to purchase one of these bad boys. The Challenger 600 looks like the older, much cooler brother of a Ferrari. She actually bought a Gulfstream IV to replace this expensive jet that cost her $5 million. I ain’t no hater, but Joyce— teach me your ways!

Potential Travel Destination: Jerusalem or Bethlehem. If you’re an author of spiritual books, it’s only fitting if you travel to The Holy Land. Then again, it might be better if you fly coach this time.



#9 – Hawker 4000 ($22 Million)


Hawker-4000Now, Sergio Garcia is speaking my language! The Spanish professional golfer bought this jet for $22 million dollars, and uses it mostly to travel to and from his tournaments. Sergio said that his jet lets him get to his destination safely, quickly, and well rested. I have similar goals when traveling to my grandparents’ for the holidays. I don’t wanna look and feel like a chewed up piece of gum after an expensive plane ride.

Potential Travel Destination: Well, a Spaniard owns this private jet, so why not take it around Europe? It’s the most luxurious continent in the world, and it’s high time you enjoyed it by country-hopping on a jet fueled by diamonds and champagne.


#8 – Embraer Legacy 650 ($30 Million)


Embraer-Legacy-650You wouldn’t expect Jackie Chan to have a private jet, but he does. When he’s not flying during his stunts, he takes his Embraer Legacy 650 to travel. Jackie coughed up $30 million to get the jet, and had it painted with the colors of China’s flag and his own personal logo emblazoned on it. He seems so humble, and yet so human because he did what any reasonable rich person would do: get a private jet.





#7 – Bombardier BD-700 ($45 Million)


Bombardier-BD-700The Global Express or The Bombardier BD-700 is Bill Gates’ personal choice for flying— but not for leisure! He uses his $45 million private jet for activities concerning the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I’ve heard that he’s really putting the jet to good use, especially because it can fly non-stop to different locations. If I tell Bill Gates that I’m a charity case, do you think he’d let me hitch a ride on his private jet?





#6 – Sukhoi Superjet 100 ($50 Million)


Sukhoi-Superjet-100The Sukhoi Superjet 100 seems like the biggest amongst all of the other private jets with its seating capacity. At $50 million, it’s only appropriate for Sukhoi to let buyers decide on all the aspects of their jets. May I suggest turning it into a party plane and make the interior look like there’s a rave 24/7?

Potential Travel Destination: Ibiza and other places known for their wild parties. The plane seats 100 people. Don’t tell me you’re not planning on abusing that feature?



#5 – Bombardier Global 8000 ($66 Million)


Bombardier-Global-8000This private jet boasts that it has the lowest fuel burn and lowest emissions of its kind. At $66 million for the whole plane, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ran on diamonds and the tears of all your mortal enemies. But hey, it’s the greenest one out there, so this one is suitable for Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and/or Bono, so they can feel better about using a years worth of normal people carbon emissions for their daily travel, and various vacations around the world.




#4 – Airbus ACJ319 ($80 Million)


Airbus-ACJ319As with Airbus’ other luxury jets, this one is customizable. There is an en-suite bedroom located at the rear of the aircraft, which can help you save costs by not having to check into a hotel! After spending $80 million on this jet, you better be prepared to cut back on other things.

Potential Travel Destination: London. Tea time with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. If you can afford an $80 million jet, you should be able to buy your way in to the Queen’s inner circle.




#3 – Boeing 757 ($100 Million)


Boeing-757The Boeing 757 is an airplane that’s commonly used on commercial flights. However, if you’re Donald Trump, all commoners must not have access to the shiny, gold-plated seat belts. Despite the $100 million price tag, the Donald got it second hand from Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder. Now I know that even rich, and potentially insane people enjoy bargains for merchandise.

Potential Travel Destination: New York or the current city where the WWE is at. New York, to check for stocks, and the WWE ring to see if you still got some fight (and shame) in you. Need I remind you of Donald Trump’s stint as a professional wrestler?


#2 – Boeing 747-8 VIP ($150 Million)


Boeing-747-8-VIPThe Boeing 747-8 VIP literally looks like a portable palace. You just have to hand over $150 million of your spare cash, then voila! Boeing would let you customize your own private jet!

I distinctly remember watching a documentary about an interior designer for these babies. I need to contact him about installing my own amusement park on my imaginary Boeing. I really need to know, okay?

Potential Travel Destination: A Saudi Arabian palace. Despite Boeing’s policy of not revealing the owners of their private jets, you just know that someone from the Saudi Arabian royal family got this jet to travel in style.


#1 – Airbus A380 ($500 Million)


Airbus-A380Alright, scratch that claim I made previously because I just found the ultimate private jet in the form of the Airbus A380. $300 million was shelled out to get this, and another $200 million was brought out to pimp it. No word yet if Xzibit and his crew will be doing the pimping. Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal got this for himself, and everything is GOLD. Like, literally gold on gold on gold. And it’s the only private jet that (I think) has elevators. Man, lucky people! Oh, to be a Saudi prince with $22 billion cash in hand.




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